Manitoba HIV Program: Find, Link, Retain

The Manitoba HIV Program provides primary and specialist care for those living with HIV in Manitoba.

When a patient receives a positive HIV diagnosis, no matter where they live in Manitoba, their health care provider can seek the expertise and guidance of the Manitoba HIV Program team. Clients do not have to move to Winnipeg in order to receive healthcare and treatment. People living in Winnipeg can choose to remain with their current doctor or transfer to receive their entire healthcare from the HIV Program.

The Manitoba HIV Program fosters best practice and ensures that everyone who tests positive has the same standard of care and treatment, regardless of where they live. The connection of a community health centre (Nine Circles Community Health Centre) with the specialist care offered at the Health Sciences Centre hospital facilitates seamless, effective client care. The inclusion of the extension support services offered at Nine Circles results in more effective healthcare delivery that decreases stressors on clients’ lives, helps retain clients in care, and results in better health outcomes. Community healthcare that offers these supports has been shown to improve health outcomes most dramatically for clients from marginalized groups.

Manitoba HIV Program Structure

Currently, there are over 1000 people living with HIV being followed by either of the two sites. The program works to connect Manitobans to care, support, treatment and testing specific to HIV.

The Health Sciences Hospital site provides infectious disease care to those who have a primary care physician. Social work, pharmacy, and dietician services are also available to clients of the Health Sciences Centre.

As a primary health care centre for those living with HIV, Nine Circles works hard to provide holistic care while meeting clients “where they are at” when connecting them to care and treatment. Outreach workers, social workers, health promotion and education staff all support clients to “live well with HIV” and maintain a connection to HIV care.

Goals of the Manitoba HIV Program:


To facilitate early HIV diagnosis through increased HIV testing

To increase knowledge of local epidemic (provincial HIV drivers and disease hot spots)


Improve access to HIV Program services for people living with HIV who are not accessing care

Manage service provider referrals through the Manitoba HIV Program Referral Line


To improve clinical and psycho-social outcomes through increased opportunities for identifying and addressing barriers to care

To maintain the highest quality of life and health of people living with HIV through the provision of high quality primary care and treatment.

Our education and prevention programs offer prevention, education and testing through partnerships with community agencies. Outreach testing will connect those already infected with HIV but unaware of their status to testing and care, improving their health outcomes and slowing the progression of HIV in Manitoba.

Programs and services include:

  • HIV Primary Care nurses with ACRN-designation, which denotes specialization in HIV/AIDS, care (both sites)
  • HIV/AIDS-Infectious Disease Specialists (attends both sites)
  • HIV pharmacist
  • Dietician (at Health Sciences site)
  • Social Support & Advocacy
  • Access to Clinical Trials
  • Outreach
  • First Language Services - certified WRHA health interpreters

Provided at the Nine Circles site but available to all Manitoba HIV Program clients:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Counseling services
  • Health Promotion and Prevention Teams
  • PHA food bank
  • PHA Assistance fund
  • HIV and STI testing

Contact the Manitoba HIV Program:

Health care providers can refer clients or request consultation by contacting:

Winnipeg: 204-940-6089

Toll Free: 1-866-449-0165

Questions about Programs or Services:

Winnipeg:  204-940-6000

Toll Free: 1-888-305-8647

Community Service Partners

Please refer to our Links & Resources sectionLinks & Resources section for a list of community partners and other resources. for a list of community partners and other resources.

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