A Taste for Life: Winnipeg 2023 Is Back April 19th

The Most Delicious Night Out for 20 Years is Back in Winnipeg!

A recipe for tasty success: take generous restaurants contributing an amazing 25% of sales, combine with caring people who dine out and donate every year, and season with sponsors supporting every aspect of the event

Dine in at participating businesses and restaurants on Wednesday April 19th, 2023, donate online, and know your generosity supports:

  • Social Connection: Donations support peer support groups, traditional Indigenous ceremonies, and helping people make valuable social and community connections.
  • Economic and Community Participation: Donations support the HI-5 Fund, which provides supports to HIV positive people for an improved quality of life. Examples: work boots and tools for getting back to work; video equipment for clients started a vlog on living with HIV.
  • Food Security: Supported by Winnipeg Harvest, our foodbank provides basic food to people living with HIV who need some extra help getting through the month. Donations supplement the amount and quality of food.
  • Promotions and Campaigns: Donations support individuals with lived experience with HIV to create materials to challenge stigma and promote wellness.
Participating Restaurants for 2023:

The Tallest Poppy
103 Sherbrook St
(204) 219-8777
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Club 200
190 Garry St
(204) 943-6045
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Black Market Provisions
550 Osborne St
(204) 477-5500
*Total day sales of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie (V)
from 10:00am-5:00pm on April 19th will be donated*

More partners coming soon! To learn more visit www.ATasteforLife.org