Decentralizing HIV Care with eConsult

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Approximately 1,300 people are living with HIV in Manitoba. Although most cases (~80%) are concentrated in Winnipeg, an increasing number of new HIV cases are being identified in areas outside of the city, where there may be limited access to health care and supportive services.

The Manitoba HIV Program has two Winnipeg-based clinical care sites (Nine Circles Community Health Centre and the Health Sciences Centre outpatient clinic) and one Brandon-based site (7th Street Access Centre) which poses challenges in providing adequate, high quality care to people living with HIV outside of those cities. One of the ways Nine Circles Community Health Centre and the Manitoba HIV Program are addressing these challenges is by leading Manitoba’s eConsult implementation project. An innovative eHealth platform such as BASE™ eConsult Manitoba can help decentralize HIV services and develop and sustain partnerships between the Manitoba HIV Program and health care providers across the province. eConsult services can also decrease wait times for specialty advice and address gaps in access to specialty care for rural, remote and northern communities. This will ensure that clients can receive continuous, up-to-date HIV‐related care and services without requiring frequent long- distance travel.

Nine Circles Community Health Centre and the Manitoba HIV Program strongly support the implementation and expansion of eConsult services for HIV and other specialty services in order to improve and equalize access to care throughout Manitoba. To date, eConsult Manitoba enables primary care providers at 12 clinics to securely access timely advice from doctors in 18 different specialties. For more info on this initiative email Manitoba eConsult.

Project leads: Dr. Laurie Ireland, Dr. Alex Singer, Dr. Luis Oppenheimer and Rana McDonald
Partner Organization: University of Manitoba Family Medicine Department