Improving Access to HIV/STBBI Testing in Winnipeg

In 2018, Nine Circles was part of a project that explored the strengths and challenges of STBBI testing and education in Winnipeg. The anticipated outcomes of the project were:

  1. To identify populations currently accessing testing services and to compare with local epidemiological data to identify gaps.
  2. To develop enhanced opportunities for collaboration between STBBI Testing Clinicians and Sexual Health Educators to maximize resources and target populations that are being missed.
  3. To share tools, case reviews and best practices to increase comfort in completing sexual health assessments

The project involved three components:

  • HIV/STBBI Participant Survey: A participant survey about testing behaviours and people’s rationales for accessing testing (or not). The goal was to get a sense of who is currently being tested in clinic to determine whether the right people were accessing care. Additionally, learning more about how people want to access testing and HIV/STBBI information was another priority of this survey. Four sites (Nine Circles, Klinic, Street Connections, and Mount Carmel Clinic) participated in this process by completing 20-30 participant surveys each over the course of the month of April 2018. The data was compiled and analyzed for trends and themes.
  • HIV/STBBI Forum for Health Educators and Clinicians who do HIV/STBBI testing: A forum took place on May 25th, 2018 to share the results of the survey, learn from a panel of peers about their thoughts around education and testing, and work towards improvement opportunities moving forwards.
  • Final and Interim Reports: Each of the reports describes the project approach and provides some analysis of the data collected. The final report includes a summary of the findings of both the survey and the forum, key themes that emerged from both, and a set of recommendations for improving access to testing for those who need it most.

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