Make PrEP Free For All Manitobans

Nine Circles and our community partners believe the Manitoban government should make PrEP accessible and affordable to all. It’s time the provincial government provides full coverage for the cost of PrEP under the Manitoba Drug Plan.

Manitoba is the only provincial/territorial district to have not yet included PrEP under its Provincial Drug Plan. Manitoba has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in Canada and our epidemiology shows clearly that those communities most at risk are also the least likely to be able to afford the cost of PrEP. 

The cost of treating one person living with HIV is far greater than the cost of HIV prevention with PrEP, and there is no need for more studies and cost/benefit analysis on PrEP and its effectiveness in reducing HIV transmission and reducing overall health care costs. That time has passed. PrEP works. 

Download and mail this letter to push the Manitoban government to expedite the process of approving PrEP coverage under the Manitoba Drug Plan. So then together we may jointly celebrate another battle won in the war against HIV transmission.