MB HIV Program 2019 Client Survey Results

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As part of the Manitoba HIV Program’s commitment to ongoing evaluation of programs and services, a client survey of 40 participants was conducted in 2019. The purpose was to use the survey responses to inform program evaluation and future programming for the Manitoba HIV Program. 

To see a two-page summary of the report, click here. For the full 60-page report, click here.

About the Program

Since 2007, the Manitoba HIV Program has been the primary provider of specialized, evidence-informed HIV care and treatment for people living in Manitoba. The Manitoba HIV Program works with primary care providers and other specialists across the province to: 

  • Encourage, support, and expand HIV testing in Manitoba
  • Link individuals requiring care and/or support to the appropriate services
  • Support access to comprehensive HIV care and support services for people living with HIV in Manitoba
  • Provide and/or link individuals to health and social services that enable Manitobans to live well with HIV
  • Provide consultation, education, and resources on HIV care to primary care providers in Manitoba 

At the end of 2018, approximately 1400 people living with HIV were receiving care at one of the Manitoba HIV Program’s three clinic sites: Nine Circles Community Health Centre and an ambulatory clinic at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, and the 7th Street Health Access Centre in Brandon. For more information about the program, visit its website.