Meeting the Moment: A Roadmap For Future Care

Nine Circles Community Health Centre is excited to announce the launch of a new multi-year project, Meeting the Moment: Integrating Street Health, Addictions Medicine and Primary Care. Partnering with Main Street Project and funded by Health Canada, Meeting the Moment seeks to create a roadmap on how to provide primary care for people who inject drugs and live in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas and Downtown neighbourhoods. Systemic barriers can make it difficult for this population to access the care and services they deserve, and this project will work directly with the community to address their needs.

“All too often, health and social systems are designed in a way that institutionalizes barriers to care for the individuals who need it most.  Meeting the Moment is an exciting initiative that allows Nine Circles and its community health partners to meaningfully engage populations who have long been isolated and work together to build a model of care that will work for the client, service provider, and community.” – Mike Payne, Executive Director, Nine Circles Community Health Centre

This project will aim to answer several key questions: What is the best way to connect people who use methamphetamines and other drugs with the services and programming that we offer? How can we adapt our partnerships with other agencies to best address the needs of this priority population? What is best practice when providing services for people who use drugs who are marginalized, isolated, and have unstable housing in Winnipeg’s downtown core?

Recognizing we need everyone at the table to help answer these questions, Meeting the Moment will create a community leadership table that will be comprised of leaders from many different groups, such as physicians, nurses, policymakers, public health administrators, Indigenous elders and people with lived experience using methamphetamine. Their participation and feedback will be key in the direction the project takes.

At Nine Circles, we know that we need to adapt to this population’s needs and find better ways to provide primary care without barriers. This project will use community member evaluations to directly influence the direction we take to ensure that people who use drugs will have improved outcomes. By harnessing activities like street outreach, community-led management of methamphetamine psychosis and withdrawal, addictions medicine, cultural programming, and social support and housing services, we can meet the needs of people who use drugs in the moment.

At Nine Circles, we believe in continuing to push for services and programming free from systemic barriers and using a grassroots approach that ensures we can meet our clients where they are at. By creating a roadmap for how to best provide primary care, service providers across Winnipeg will be better equipped to provide service for people who use methamphetamines. The moment is now to make a difference, and Nine Circles is ready to meet it.