RFP: Virtual Meeting Facilitator

The MB HIV-STBBI Collective Impact Network (the Network) is seeking proposals from meeting facilitators with experience in virtual facilitation to provide services for an existing event that will be adapted into a virtual event. The Network, which is supported and administered by Nine Circles, brings together a variety of stakeholders to tackle HIV and STBBI issues in Manitoba.

The Network hosts two large events per year, one in November and one in April, which bring together approximately 80 people from across the Province of Manitoba representing a variety of regions and stakeholders (people with lived experience, researchers, policy makers, community organizations, health providers, Indigenous organizations, health authorities, etc.)

As a result of COVID-19, we now have to transition to virtual facilitation and would like to maintain a high level of engagement as we have at our face to face meetings.

The consultant will work with an Event Planning Team to develop a plan, determine best methods for engagement and relationship building, best virtual platforms and techniques, and then facilitate the event in November. During this time, it is expected that the consultant will help build the capacity of the team on virtual facilitation. The Consultant will provide both the meeting facilitation and the technical supports to run the meeting.

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Final proposals should be submitted by Friday June 19 at 5:00pm CST by email. Proposals will be reviewed by our Event planning committee. Only those short listed will be contacted. Please address completed proposals to Laurie Ringaert, Co-Strategic Facilitator, and email with the subject line: RFP Virtual Facilitation.


Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash