From the phone to the web: introducing Sex Friendly Manitoba

Nine Circles has always hosted some version of a sexual health information line. Originally established by Village Clinic, the AIDS Information Line was carried over when Village Clinic amalgamated with three other organizations to become Nine Circles in 2001. Around 2012, it was re-branded as the Sexual Health Info Line and our Health Promotion team has been answering questions about sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs) via cell phone ever since. But as technology has evolved, we’ve found people would rather access sexual health information online than call a phone number, and that meant it was time to re-imagine our Info Line once again. As of December 2018, the phone line has been phased out, and a great new resource has gone live: Sex Friendly Manitoba.

Sex Friendly Manitoba is a Q&A website that features real-life questions and professional answers. Chances are, if one person has a question about STBBIs, someone else has that question too, so the site was designed to catalogue accurate, up-to-date questions and answers so future visitors can benefit from the information too. People can scroll through posts about safer sex, STI transmission, testing, harm reduction and more to find what they’re are looking for. They can also search popular keywords to find a list of posts relevant to their question(s). If they can’t find the answers they’re looking for, they can simply click the “Ask a Question” button to send us an anonymous question and a Nine Circles Health Educator will work on composing an answer to post publicly on the site.

Some things to know:

  • Sex Friendly Manitoba is not designed to provide immediate answers. The site does have a list of local resources if the question is time sensitive.
  • Our Health Educators can only answer questions related to STBBIs. They are not able to provide information on broader aspects of sexuality and sexual health (like birth control, relationships, etc.)
  • The site doesn’t gather contact information to notify people when their answer is ready, so people will need to check back to see if their question has been answered
  • If people still want to speak with someone directly they can call 204-940-6000 to connect with a Health Educator during our office hours, based on availability.

Bookmark the site and when you have questions about STBBIs, start with us, from the comfort of your phone, tablet, laptop or whatever!