Shaping Collective HIV-STBBI Manitoba Strategies in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The MB HIV-STBBI Collective Impact Network invites you to join us for our fall gathering on Friday, Nov 20, 2020, with a focus on shaping what is needed for Manitoban strategies on HIV-STBBI. You will be able to engage in important collective conversations that will be summarized and brought to discussion tables following the November event.


The MB HIV-STBBI Collective Impact Network will be creating Manitoba HIV-STBBI strategies with an emphasis on:
  • What is needed during this time of the COVID pandemic?
  • What are innovative ideas that are needed to help shape the next Provincial HIV-STBBI strategy?
  • What are the strategies needed to change systems including policies and practices?
Your voice will be important to shape our resulting event engagement paper that will then be shared at planned discussion groups and decision-making tables following the event.


This event is an opportunity to network, gain new knowledge, provide input, and create new relationships. This will be an online event and as usual “fun” is always a highlight of these events. We look forward to having you there!


Please click here to register. We will send you a Zoom link for the event once registered.