Syphilis Bingo: Open for Community Organization Bookings Now!

Syphilis: Easy to catch! Easy to cure! Syphilis Bingo: Easy to play! Easy to Win!

Now booking beginning January 2022 until March 31, 2022! Syphilis Bingo was created in partnership with Nine Circles health care team to address the rising counts of syphilis in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Syphilis is easy to catch and easy to cure, let us bring the programming to you!

How it works: We do it all! Syphilis Bingo allows up to 11 participants to play a round of black-out bingo where learning is fun and no question is too taboo. Trained peer facilitators engage and educate participants in the causes, signs & symptoms, prevention, and recovery of syphilis through a non-judgmental and harm reduction lens. The best part? Everyone wins a prize!

Organizations Interested in Booking: We bring everything to you! Bingo callers, bingo cards, bingo chips, safer sex supplies, safer substance use supplies, resources, prizes, and bus tickets. All you need is a space and participants to play.

To book contact Syphilis Project Coordinator, Chance Dupuis (he/him), at Chance Dupuis or call 204-940-6000 ext. 6090