The Red Ribbon Walk & Run: Where the Money Goes

We need your support to help us meet our fundraising goal! Donations from the Red Ribbon Walk & Run go towards helping people living with HIV live full and meaningful lives. Here are a few examples of what your donations support:

  • Food Security: Donations support our Food Bank, allowing Nine Circles to supplement the amount of food we receive from Winnipeg Harvest, providing more reliable access to nutritious food for clients living with HIV.
  • Health Equity: Donations from the Red Ribbon Walk & Run help fund peer groups like our Lived Experience Advisory – a group who advises on our communications activities with the goal of challenging HIV stigma and empowering other people living with HIV.
  • Economic Participation: Your donations support 100% of the PHA (Person living with HIV) Assistance Fund, which provides supports to HIV positive people for an improved quality of life. Some examples include work boots or tools for a person who is going back to the workplace, or sending an HIV positive person’s kids to camp.
  • Social Connection: Living with HIV or living in poverty can be isolating. Social isolation is a proven harm to the mental, physical and spiritual wellness of individuals. Nine Circles supports groups, such as What’s Your Goal and Coffee Talk, that help people make valuable social and community connections.Your donations are used to support transportation, snacks and materials as necessary.

Help ensure that HIV doesn’t prevent anyone from living a full and meaningful life! Donate today