Upcoming Program Changes

As we told you last fall, our federal funding has been affected by changes the government has made to HIV funding across Canada. Our current funding ends on March 31, so as we begin a new fiscal year on April 1, there will be some changes to our programming to reflect a decrease in funding for certain types of activities. Many of our groups will continue with reduced budgets, while others are being phased out or replaced. The biggest impact our clients will notice is that we are no longer able to offer meals, bus tickets and other items that support clients in participating in groups and workshops. We will continue to offer coffee, and snacks donated by Starbucks. Here are the groups that will continue:

  • Get Better Together will be offered two times per year
  • Coffee Talk, our HIV+ support group, will continue but with structural changes. Each month, the schedule will be:
    • Week 1 for men*
    • Week 2 for women*
    • Week 3 for everyone living with HIV
    • Week 4 for “Positive Plus One” — for people living with HIV and their HIV-negative partner, friend or family member
    • *Attend the group that best represents your gender identity
  • Feeling Better will be offered weekly
  • What’s Your Goal will be offered monthly
  • Dream Big will be offered once a year
  • Seeking Resilience will be offered two times per year
  • Workshops with multidisciplinary health providers will be offered a couple times a year on topics like Pain Management
  • Indigenous cultural programming will continue to be offered each month
  • Skill Set Bingo will be replaced with a new activity, Viral Videos
  • Living Well with HIV will have a new format. More information coming soon!

As a reminder, funding changes do not impact access to primary care services (physicians, nurses, social workers, occupational therapist, etc). Primary care services are funded by Manitoba Health through regional health authorities.

Questions about the changes to our programs can be directed to us by email