Safe, Non-judgmental Health Care

At Nine Circles, we believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect, be safe, and have their health information be kept private. We strive to treat each client as an individual with respect to culture, customs, language and spiritual beliefs. Our team provides supportive and non-judgmental care and treatment, encouraging clients to be active in their own care by being informed and asking questions. We encourage our clients to tell us their concerns and share their ideas about programs or services.

Interested in becoming a client? View our intake criteria and process.

Our Team

Family Physicians

Our family physicians provide a variety of care and medical services and are also experts in the prevention and management of acute and chronic diseases. Our physicians provide specialized services for people living with HIV, Hepatitis C and addictions, including opioid substitution therapy.

Primary Care Nurses

Our nurses provide a wide range of health care assessments, including chronic disease management, sexual health assessments and triage services. They also provide health promotion support and disease prevention education.

HIV Pharmacist

Our pharmacist monitors, investigates and makes recommendations to clients’ care teams concerning the management of harmful drug reactions, toxicities and interactions that could damage a client’s health.

HIV Dietitian

Our dietitian provides nutrition education to our clients through individual or group sessions. The group sessions include topics such as living well with HIV, diabetes management and eating healthy for your heart.

Mental Health Therapists

Our mental health therapists are here to provide counselling and support through individual, couple and family therapy. Therapy is offered as group programs or support sessions, focusing on helping you develop and achieve your personal wellness goals. Our mental health therapists can also connect you with resources such as Anxiety Disorder of Manitoba who offer a peer support line and information on coping with anxiety.

Occupational Therapist

Our occupational therapist supports clients with issues such as mobility, quitting smoking, returning back to work or school, and managing daily self-care activities.

Social Worker

Our social workers help clients solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives. This may include assisting with housing, advocacy, referrals and supporting a client in their self-defined goals.


Outreach Workers meet with HIV+ clients to support them with appointment attendance and staying connected to their health care team. The outreach worker may meet clients in their own environment, in the clinic, the community, hospitals and social service organizations to help reduce isolation and to facilitate access to resources and community supports.

Medical Partners

Manitoba HIV Program

Nine Circles is the community lead of the Manitoba HIV Program –  a community, primary care, and tertiary care partnership with Health Sciences Centre – WRHA Medicine Program and 7th Street Access Centre in Brandon.

Viral Hepatitis Investigative Unit (VHIU)

The VHIU (Health Sciences Centre) provides consults and treatment services to Nine Circles clients living with Hepatitis C.