Note: Due to high levels of COVID-19 community transmission, we have suspended drop-in testing effective October 30, 2020. Please book an appointment by phone to secure an appointment.

Nine Circles’ Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infection (STBBI) Clinic offers safe, non-judgmental and confidential STBBI/HIV testing and treatment in Winnipeg.

Book an Appointment

During office hours, our Health Care Receptionists are
available by phone to help you set up an appointment

  • Call 204-940-6000 or 1-888-305-8647 if you’re outside Winnipeg.
    We currently only accepting appointments by phone.

Types of STBBI Screening Appointments

At Nine Circles, two types of testing appointments are available to book online:

Basic STBBI Test (30 mins)

  • This appointment is for people who have no physical symptoms and have had STBBI testing before. Choose this option for routine testing– you have no big concerns and you just want to be sure.

Full STBBI Assessment With Exam (45 mins)

  • This appointment is for people who have some physical symptoms, have concerns, need a PAP, or know they have come in contact with an STBBI. We will need a little more time with you so book for a longer visit.