Do you have questions about how to book an STI testing appointment online at Nine Circles? Here are some answers:

To book online, I have been asked to make a Medio account – what is this?
  • Medio is a secure web-based platform that allows individuals to book appointments and receive messages from your provider or tester while keeping your confidentiality and health information private. To book online at Nine Circles, you need to have a Medio account.
How do I know what type of appointment to book?
  • A routine STI test is for people who have no physical symptoms, no big concerns and have had STI testing before. It is generally a shorter appointment (30 mins)
  • An STI assessment with exam is for people who have some physical symptoms or concerns, need a PAP, or know they have come in contact with an STI. Chances are we will need a little more time with you so book for the longer visit (45 mins)
I tried to book online and there are no appointments available – why is this?
  • We only allow people to book appointments 7 days in advance to reduce how often people forget to come or forget to cancel. If there are no appointments available online it means we are booked up! The good news is there will be new appointments released each day, so wait a day and try again.
When I book online, why do I have to wait for the appointment to be accepted?
  • We want to ensure we have all the information we need from you and that the appointment booked will give you enough time. Our goal is to accept and confirm appointments within the same day, or on the next working day if you submit your booking after office hours or on the weekend.
I booked an appointment online but now I need to change or cancel it. How do I do that?
  • Clients are able to cancel their appointment through their Medeo account within the first 24 hours of booking. However, If you need assistance to cancel the appointment, or want to cancel after 24 hours, please call the clinic at 204-940-6000.
I’ve read the FAQ, but I’m still having trouble. Can you help?
  • Of course! You can always give us a call to book an appointment or ask us about online booking. Just call 204-940-6000 and speak with a Health Care Receptionist.