Community Health Centre Specializing in HIV Prevention and Care

Nine Circles Mission Statement

Nine Circles Community Health Centre, with expertise in the care and treatment of HIV, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections, delivers comprehensive primary care, social support, education and prevention services – creating healthier communities for Manitobans.

Core Values

Client Centred

We believe in safe, non-judgmental care that is client-centred, where clients and care providers make decisions together. Our services recognize the impact of HIV/STBBIs (sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections) and the social stigma and exclusion related to HIV.

Developed in Partnership

Planning, policy development and evaluation are done in collaboration with the community, including affected groups, community agencies, government and especially clients. We encourage clients to be active in their care, ask questions and make decisions in collaboration with care providers.

Culturally Safe

We strive to treat each client as an individual with respect to their culture, customs, language and spiritual beliefs. Our staff interacts with clients so that those who receive care define it, recognizing the importance of lifestyle, culture and religion and tackling the adverse impact of poverty, social exclusion and stigma.


We use an integrated team approach, where health and social care professionals work together to ensure each client has access to the services they need. All of our activities are linked with each other and with other community services, drawing on the knowledge and skills of health and social care professionals across a multi-disciplinary team.

Outcome Oriented

Each program is guided by a work plan linked with the long-term strategic objectives of the organization. We operate from a harm reduction approach, empowering clients to make informed choices based on accurate information and various options. Services and programs are evaluated and measured based on achievable and measurable objectives.

Current Strategic Priorities


Our stakeholders know what we’re about.


We create an environment that makes it possible for people to talk about healthy sexuality and behaviours.


We contribute to increasing Manitobans’ access to HIV, Hep C and STBBI testing, care and support.


We make it easier for people to take care of their health on an ongoing basis.


Our programs and services are based on evidence.