Be a Part of the Inner Circle!

Donations Support Our Clients and Programming:

When you donate to Nine Circles Community Health Centre, you are providing support to:

  • Nine Circles’ bi-monthly HIV food bank.
  • Nine Circles’ Hi5 Fund (the Roman numeral for “5” is “V”, the name provided by a client of Nine Circles), which helps clients cover the cost of things not covered by other funding/programs, like: clothing and household items, glasses, medical devices, hair loss/mastectomy products for cancer treatment, work-related expenses such as criminal record checks and work boots.
  • Meals, snacks and other items like bus tickets that help remove barriers for clients to attend mental health groups and other programming.
  • Anti-stigma programming and projects that dispel myths about HIV, combat discrimination against people with HIV and work to get more people tested, more people connected to care, and fewer people contracting HIV.
  • Honoraria for people with lived experience so they can be compensated for contributing their insights/knowledge when participating in program planning and various advisories.

Donor Thank You

We rely on friends and community like you who support has a transformative impact on the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS in Manitoba.

We strive to keep our donors updated about how their contribution supports those in our community.  Those who contribute over $100 monetarily or in-kind will also receive the following hero recognition:

  • Personalized Thank You from the Nine Circles team
  • Recognition at our Annual General Meeting and within our Annual General Report
  • Early Bird invites and announcements about our annual fundraisers
  • Social media and newsletter spotlights about you and your organization/business
  • Invites to participate in Nine Circles events and recognizing your contributions
  • Being a partner in providing prevention, care, and belonging to foster healthier communities in Manitoba