Living with HIV can be different for everyone

Living with HIV means different things to different people, and everyone has unique experiences. Along with our services for all clients, Nine Circles provides a wide variety of supports and services specifically to people living with HIV in Manitoba. These include one on one appointments with members of our team, and group based support. Call 204-940-6000 with questions or email our Health Promotion Coordinator. To find out what’s on in the coming month, have a look at our monthly calendar of events.

Group Programming for People Living With HIV

Coffee talk

Has HIV/AIDS affected your life? This drop-in conversation group is a safe space where you can talk about changes, challenges, inspirations, and supports you are using as you move forward. Drop-ins welcome!

Coffee Talk is offered 3 times a month on Wednesdays with the following schedule:
• The first Wednesday of the month is a group for HIV positive men*
• The third Wednesday of the month is for everyone living with HIV
• The fourth Wednesday of the month is a group for HIV positive individuals who are currently working or are
in school, part time or full time. We will discuss issues around juggling the demands of working, studying and
achieving wellness at the same time. Issues such as disclosure, managing side effects of meds, and health
challenges will also be discussed.

Standing Strong

Our new group designed to give people living with HIV and their friends/family/supporters basic information on living a full and healthy life with HIV. This group is under development, stay tuned or call Shauna or Sri at 204-940-6000 for more information.

food_bankFood Bank

With the support of Winnipeg Harvest and dedicated volunteers, the Nine Circles Food Bank provides food bank members with a bi-weekly supplement of food. Food bank is only available to people living with HIV in Manitoba. To discuss food bank access, please speak with a member of your care team.

Food Bank Guidelines

Calendar to August 2019

PHA Assistance Fund

The PHA Fund provides financial support to people living with HIV in Manitoba for quality of life needs where no other source of income is available. Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis.  Request forms are available at our reception desk, or see your Social Worker for assistance with filling out an application. View the PHA Fund Guidelines to learn more about the fund.


Patient Handout: If You Just Found Out

For basics on living well with HIV visit CATIE’s Healthy Living page.

For information about HIV treatment options, visit CATIE’s Treatment page.