Red Ribbon Teams

While there is no reason you can’t register as an individual, creating a team can be a fun way to participate in the event. Your team captain will have to sign up first to establish your team. Then, you can easily search for a person or team to join them.

Already signed up as an individual, but now you want to be on a team? Email us and we’ll take care of that for you.

1. Rally your friends, family and coworkers. 
Everything’s more fun with someone by your side. Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to walk or run with you to spread awareness and decrease HIV stigma in our communities.

2. Come up with a theme for your team.
Get creative and dress up as your favourite era, TV show, superhero etc. in support of people living with HIV/AIDS in Manitoba. There’s never a better time to go crazy with costumes!

3. Pick a team name. 
A team theme is incomplete without a team name. Get your friends together and brainstorm ideas for a name that will complement your amazing costumes and draw attention to your team.

4. Ask your friends or partner to put up a Red Ribbon Walk and Run poster in their workplace. 
The poster could start a chat in the office, encouraging more people to support the event. Maybe some of your coworkers will even end up walking/running beside you!

5. Encourage other teams to join the fun.
Share your plans for the Red Ribbon Walk and Run with everyone! Your colleagues, teachers, parents, siblings, even the checkout lady at the grocery store. Like a little friendly competition? Challenge another group to create a team and see who can raise the most money, or hit a certain number of donations first!

Need support or have any questions about teams? Contact Barb at 204-940-6075 or email.